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Music has been widely used in our daily life and has been particularly useful in sports and exercise settings. Many researchers have explored the benefits and different types of music during sports activity and athletic performance. This study aims to investigate the effect of self-selected music on shooting the performance and the preferred type of music they listen to during the task. This is a quasi-experimental study done among 46 female netball players. They were asked to complete 12 trials shots at three different positions in front of the netball post. They were needed to complete the shooting trial under two conditions, with and without music within a one-week interval between the two conditions. Following the completion of the shooting performance, participants were needed to rate the motivational qualities of their selected music using the Brunel Music Rating Inventory-2 (BMRI-2) questionnaire. The result shown no significant differences between the two conditions on the participants' shooting performance (p>0.05), and most of the participants preferred to use fast type music compared to slow and medium music during the sports activity. Listening to music during the shooting performance didn’t improve their skill even with the use of the participants’ selected motivational music.


Self-selected music Shooting performance BMRI-2

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Nur Izzah Madihah Baharuddin, & Kamaria Kamaruddin. (2019). The effect of self-selected music on shooting performance among young female adults. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).