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Cancer had become worldwide problem that efforts in prevention and treatment of cancer had rapidly grew in any research institute. But, to combat with this miserable disease, we still need new strategies to overcome the problem, and we should really understand who is our enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy is not something too difficult or which we do not well understand. We, ourselves is the number one enemy. Our family is our enemy. Our eyes are our enemy. We know what actually that we should not consume, but still, we consume it daily with happy, but at the end, we cry. Lately, a scientific report claimed that people who consume food outside their home are 25% having a risk to gain cancer. The major cause of cancer is food, which is about 40%. Stress, chemicals in cosmetic products, and bad lifestyle were other major causes of cancer, which we already forgot. Therefore, this lecture will remind us, who is really our enemy in combat with cancer and how to prevent it from our own HOUSE.  We don't have other choices rather than change our lifestyle!!!

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Md Azman PKM Seeni Mohamed. (2019). Cancer prevention from home. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).