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Benefits of improved physical fitness performance for daily life functions and sports performance are well documented. In general, modern and technological-based lifestyle brought together less requirements for physical movement in performing daily tasks. This resulted in an increasing percentage of obese or sedentary populations, especially in developing and developed countries. Health and fitness industry can be said booming in this condition. Exercises may be performed due to its proven benefits, but the motivation to continue performing it may also due to it being promoted as the trend of the time. Being fit is trending. This is when the commercialization of training methods begins. Fitness training methods works based on the concept of stimuli-responses-recovery-adaptation concepts. Training variables manipulation produces various types of fitness protocols and modalities. Wrongly manipulated variables practiced under the supervision of non-qualified fitness and medical professionals may resulted in a higher risk of injury and reducing the potential of achieving the desire outcome.  This presentation will discuss the top 20 past and current fitness trends and how its positive effect may actually turned to be bad for an individual's physiologically and biomechanically due to several reasons, as indicated by research.


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Nur Ikhwan Mohamad. (2019). Being Fit is Trending: The good and ugly side of Fitness Trend 2019. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).