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Aging is an unavoidable progression in everyone's life and influenced by lifestyle, genetic as well as environmental factors. Herbal and plant extracts are used as antiaging since ancient times, but the evidence are still limited. Recent developments in antiaging investigation anticipated the use of natural products as the main ingredient in the formulations. Hence, this presentation focused to highlight the importance of twelve most popular medicinal plant extracts that have reported to have skin aging prevention potential. All these natural product extracts have a capacity to scavenge free radicals and defend skin matrix over the inhibition of enzymatic degradation. Some of the extracts promotes collagen synthesis in the skin and also affect the skin tightness and elasticity. However, the use of natural product extracts as an antiaging and anti-wrinkling it should be further explored using a wide range of in-vitro and in-vivo models to confirm its safety and efficacy before proceeding into the development of cosmetic products.


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Mahendran Sekar. (2019). Role of Natural Products in Aging Skin. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).