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Salbutamol is extensively prescribed for respiratory disease. However, salbutamol prescribing practice among paediatric population is still understudied. Oral salbutamol usage in infants remains controversial. This study aimed to evaluate salbutamol prescribing practice for paediatric outpatients in Hospital Tanjung Karang (HTK). In this cross-sectional study, all paediatric prescriptions with salbutamol received at Outpatient Pharmacy HTK from December 2018 to February 2019 and fulfilled criteria were reviewed. 280 samples were obtained via systematic random sampling. Data on patient demographics, diagnoses, and salbutamol formulations were collected retrospectively using data collection form and analyzed with SPSS Statistics. Descriptive statistics and Chi-Square tests were employed. Distribution of infant (1 month-2 years old) was the greatest, followed by a young child (2-6 years old) and child (6-12 years old). 68.6% salbutamol was prescribed for upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), while 87.9% salbutamol was given as oral formulation. There were significant associations between paediatric age groups, diagnoses, and salbutamol dosage forms (p<0.001). Among all the study samples, 82.5% salbutamol prescribing practice was found inappropriate. Salbutamol syrup was preferred, possibly due to affordable price and easy administration. However, some salbutamol prescribing are unnecessary and supported with little/no evidence. These include prescribing oral salbutamol for general URTI, acute bronchiolitis, and bronchial asthma among infants. Salbutamol syrup remains the most preferred formulation in an outpatient setting. Prescribing preference of oral over inhaled salbutamol requires further assessments to prevent salbutamol-related adverse reactions. The appropriate prescribing practice is crucial for a quality, safe, and effective salbutamol use among paediatric population.


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Lih Ling Kwek, Nur Atiqah Mohammad Baki, Ahmad Nadim Mohd Sufian, & Vincent Ngu. (2019). Evaluation of salbutamol prescribing practice for paediatric outpatients in a non specialised hospital. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(SPL1).