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CTCF is a protein involved in the regulation of transcription, insulator function, and the X-chromosome inactivation. It is an 11 ZF transcriptional factor which is highly conserved between the species. Identification of proteins interacting with CTCF can help to elucidate the function in the cell. Previously reported studies had identified numerous CTCF protein interacting partners, and one of the interacting partners chosen in this study is YB-1. Brain cancer cell –RGBM was selected as a model to study the interaction between CTCF and YB-1. Firstly, proteins were transformed and expressed in the bacterial expression system, and these proteins were chosen to further map the interaction via pull-down assay. Results showed CTCF-ZF was the only domain able to binds to YB-1 CSD. Other truncated areas did not show any interaction hence demonstrating the interaction between these two proteins took place at the ZF for CTCF and CSD for YB-1. Next, the significant of the interaction was further characterized using the mammalian two-hybrid system. Results show strong interaction when both we co-transfected into RGBM cells. Thus, this study shows a significant binding between CTCF/YB-1 interaction in the brain cell line.


Pull Down CTCF/YB-1 Transcription factor

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Daruliza Kernain, & Shaharum Shamsuddin. (2019). Interaction between Two Transcriptional Factors CTCF and YB-1 – Truncated domains in Brain Cancer Cell line. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3332-3338.