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Children with autism are more at risk for developing many due to expressive communication difficulties. Research continues to show that stress is related to parenting practices and parent effectiveness within the family system, the parents, the child, and their interaction are three possible sources of parental stress which disturbs the quality of life. The study aims is to assess the demographic variable on quality of life among parent of autism child and to assess the knowledge on quality of life among parents of autism child. A quantitative research approach was adopted with convenient sampling technique to select 40 parents who attend the child development hospital. Data was collected by using standardized questionnaire . The data was organized and analyzed in term of descriptive statistics. The data collection tabulated and analyzed by using mean and standard deviation. Majority of the sample has a fair quality of life, some of the samples has a good quality of life, and a minority of the sample has a poor quality of life. The study results suggest that parents of autism children's need more guidance to improve their quality of life.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Quality of Life Parent

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Mary Minolin T, Jojimol J, Jemima M, & Kowsalya K. (2019). A study to assess the quality of life among parents of autism spectrum disorder patients. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3114-3117.