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In order to investigate the effect of sodium benzoate dosage on reproductive efficiency in mature male rats, the current study was conducted at the Faculty of Science, Qadisiyah University for the period from 15\10\2016 to 15\4\2017. Sixty adult male rats (aged 56 days and weighted 138±8.8 g) have been used in the present study. The rats have been divided randomly into three equal groups (20 rats to each group). The first group included the control (C) group and was injected with physiological saline solution daily. The second group was injected with sodium benzoate at a concentration of (50 mg\kg). The third group was injected with sodium benzoate at a concentration of (100 mg\kg). Each group was divided into two subgroups, each containing 10 rats, depending on the duration of the dosage, 2-3 weeks. After 24 hours on the last day of the experiment, animals were sacrificed, and testicular samples were taken for histopathological study. The result of the histological study on the testis showed a significant decrease in the composition of the sperm in the two groups (T1, T2) where the spermatozoa showed a small number of primary and secondary sperm cells as well as a decrease in the number of sperm and Leydig cells. This decrease increases with increasing concentration and duration compared to the control group. It is concluded from the results of the current experiment that the dosage of animals with sodium benzoate at a concentration of (50,100 mg\kg) body weight has a clear effect on the reproductive efficiency of male rats.


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