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The effect of the extract of the Nerium oleander was studied on ornamental fish in vivo and in vitro, Using different concentrations and different periods. The results of the current study showed that the destruction of Argulus foliaceus in 50 g / 5 ml and 0.25 g / 5 ml of water after 62 and 135 minutes respectively when using the extract directly on the lice (in vitro), Lernaea cyprinacea was tested in the fish. The results of the study showed that Lernaea cyprinacea was destruction at a concentration of 50 mg/L after 15 minutes but did not affect lice, The results of the study showed that fish were cured from lice after one month of treatment at 33.33 mg/L for 72 consecutive hours. When fish were placed at 50/1500 g/L of the extract, they were treated from lice but caused the fish to die after 15 minutes after placing in a pure water bath.


Argulus foliaceus Lernaea cyprinacea Nerium oleander onamental fish

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Sundus Wafi Al-zayyadi. (2019). Study of the effect of Nerium oleander extract in the destruction of Argulus foliaceus and Lernaea cyprinacea in ornamental fish. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3073-3077.