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Joining solvent extraction with cloud point extraction methods obtained a susceptible method for separation, pre-concentration, extraction and categorization of  Zn (II), after forming an ion-pair association complex between Zn+2 and 4-(3-methyl phenyl azo)-4,5- diphenyl imidazole (MPADPI) with wavelength for maximum absorbance λmax.=496 Nm. This study shows optimum conditions for the formation and exaction ion-pair association complex under pH=9 and 0.5 mL Tritonx-100, 1×10-4 M (MPADPI) and heating at 80 Co for 20 minutes so that this study involved the effect of electrolyte and interferences along with the spectrophotometric determination of Zinc (II) in diverse samples.


cloud point solvent extraction Zn (II) Azo derivatives pharmaceutical chemistry

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Ghusoon Jawad Shabaa. (2019). Cloud point extraction for separation, preconcentration and determination zinc (ii) in different pharmaceutical samples. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3006-3012.