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Cinnamon is one of the main spice which is not only used for cooking as well as for medicinal purpose. Recently, plant-based silver nanoparticles are explored in various research areas. In this study, Silver nanoparticles were prepared with cinnamon oil using 1mM silver nitrate solution, and its formation was confirmed by using UV vis spectroscopy. The prepared cinnamon oil mediated silver nanoparticles were further researched for its anti-inflammatory property. It is done using a technique by Inhibition of albumin denaturation assay, and the result was compared with standard diclofenac sodium. It was found that there was a dose-dependent inhibitory effect on inflammatory activity and at 100uL, the cinnamon oil mediated silver was showed the almost equal activity of diclofenac sodium, the standard used in the study. Silver nanoparticles synthesised using cinnamon oil exhibited potent anti-inflammatory activity, and hence, it may be used for its anti-inflammatory activity.


Silver nanoparticles Cinnamon oil Nanotechnology Inflammation Spices UV-Visible spectroscopy

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Mohamed Thamemul Ansari K A, Anitha Roy, & Rajeshkumar S. (2019). Anti-inflammatory activity of cinnamon oil mediated silver nanoparticles -An in vitro study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2970-2972.