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Obesity is a medical condition which occurs due to the accumulation of excess body fat to the extent that results in a negative effect in health. Obese are generally known when the body mass index (BMI) of a person is above 25. According to World health organization obesity and corpulent are defined as a risk of body health due to over or abnormal accumulation of fat in a human body. 50 (25 experimental groups and 25 control group) women's who met the inclusion criteria were selected by using non-probability convenience sampling technique. After selecting the sample, the investigator explained the purpose of the study and informed consent was obtained. Demographic variables were collected pre-test was done by using BMI for both experimental and control group. For the experimental group, cumin cyminum plus lime water is given for 3 weeks on an early morning in empty stomach. The data were tabulated and analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics. The calculated ‘t’ value is significant at P< 0.005. The study indicates that administration of cumin cyminum plus lime water is effective in reducing overweight. The present study showed that cumin cyminum plus lime was not only beneficial but also safe and effective in the treatment of obesity.


Cumin Cyminum Limes Obesity

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Karpagam K, & Priya U. (2019). Effectiveness of cumin cyminum plus lime administration on obesity among womens. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2965-2969.