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ODTs orally disintegrating tablets are the dosage form which will disintegrate in mouth within seconds without need of water. This type of property in dosage form can be attained by addition of different varieties of excipients. But the number of fillers/binders/disintegrant which can be used for ODT formulations is limited because these bulk excipients have to fulfill special requirements, such as being soluble in water, pleasant taste, mouth feel, sweetness, and rapid dispersibility. Compared with existing excipients, the improved physical, mechanical, and/or chemical properties of such excipients have helped in solving formulation problems such as flowability, compressibility, hygroscopicity, palatability, dissolution, disintegration, sticking, and dust generation. So to fulfill this requirement coprocessed excipients are available like Ludiflash, Pharmaburst, F-melt, Modified chitosan with silicon dioxide. In excipients mannitols are used as diluents but now a day’s modified mannitol are available which give extensive flow, compression and rapid dispersibility to the tablet e.g. like Orocell, Mannogem EZ, and Pearlitol 200 SD.


Fast disintegrating dosage forms Coprocessed excipients Mannitol

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