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Sublingual drug delivery system was a well-established platform for delivering the drug that need to exhibit quick action without any first-pass metabolic effect, but various pitfall in the regular sublingual drug delivery systems such as a tablet, capsule etc., that can be overcome by novel sublingual drug delivery technology such as particulate sublingual spray. Sublingual spray for drug administration has gained attention in the market since it proved its propensity to by-pass the first-pass metabolism and to initiate a rapid onset of action due to its atomized micro particulate nature, which is significantly higher than the other sublingual formulations. The approval of sublingual spray by the regulatory agencies may commence further research in this field by subsuming various essential drugs for indications such as cancer pain, cardiovascular issue etc. This article comprises a detailed study on the drawback of conventional sublingual drug delivery system and the approach by which these drawbacks can be overruled by spray technology in the sublingual area and the, in-depth mechanism of drug delivery through sublingual with the help of atomization followed by the entire formulation strategy along with evaluation and industrial perspective of the sublingual spray dosage form as a future tool of patient-friendly drug delivery.


Sublingual spray current status formulations evaluation tests

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Aravindhanthan V, Anjali P B, & Arun Radhakrishnan. (2019). Sublingual spray: a new technology oriented formulation with multiple benefits. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2875-2885.