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Polyoxyethylene Oxide – 300 (POE) is a well-known biodegradable pharmaceutical polymer. In order to understand the stability of POE and to derive the reaction rate law, the title reaction was carried out in aqueous alkaline medium, Reaction was found to be first order dependent on the concentration oxidant (periodate) and independent of substrate (POE) concentration. A retardation of reaction rate with an increase in hydroxide concentration shows an inverse fractional order in it. Based on the studies of the temperature dependence of reaction, evaluated the activation parameters.


Periodate Oxidation POE PEG-300 Alkaline medium Kinetics

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Koteswara Rao K.V.S, Venkata Nadh R, & Venkata Ratnam K. (2019). Kinetics of periodate oxidation of polyoxyethylene – 300, a biodegradable pharmaceutical polymer. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2830-2836.