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Trigger finger relatively a common hand problem with varied treatment options from conservative to surgical release done as outpatient and daycare procedure with its own applications and limitations. Our aim is to assess patient satisfaction among the different types of trigger finger release at different areas of health care. 60 patients (Female 60%: Male 40%) with single-digit trigger finger involvement (Ring finger28.33%, Thumb26.66%, Middle finger25%, Index finger18.33%) with a mean age of 49years were divided into four groups based on card selection. The mean Short Assessment of Patient Satisfaction SAPS score was highest amongst the group in which the procedure was done at the outpatient area under percutaneous needle release technique, while the mean lowest score was obtained from group IV in which the procedure was done at the operation theatre by open release technique as daycare. Patient satisfaction and compliance were found to be higher in the group who underwent a procedure at an outpatient area.


A1 pulley Daycare Outpatient area Percutaneous release Patient satisfaction SAPS Trigger finger

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Ashok Thudukuchi Ramanathan, & Ganesan G Ram. (2019). Patient satisfaction on Trigger finger management. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2777-2780.