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The new investigation in this present work is to develop microsponges constructed novel drug delivery system for sustained action of Flurbiprofen. Quai-emulsion solvent diffusion method was engaged using Ethyl cellulose and Eudragit RS100 with drug: polymer ratio for development of microsponges. For optimization purposes, several factors are considered in the investigation. Several evaluation studies for the formed microsponges were carried out FT-IR, SEM, DSC, X-RD, particle size analysis, morphology, drug loading and In vitro drug release studies were carried out. Finally, it was concluded that there is no drug-polymer interaction as per DSC & FT-IR. Encapsulation efficiency, particle size and drug content showed a higher impact on alteration of drug-polymer ratio. SEM studies showed that morphological microsponges are spherical and porous in nature and with the mean particle size of 38.86 μm. The gel loaded with microsponges, were followed by In vitro and Ex vivo drug release studies by modified Franz diffusion cell. Skin delivery of optimized formulation enhanced the drug residence time and maintained therapeutic concentration for an extended period of time, which is possible to show sustained action of the drug.


Microsponges Franz diffusion cell Flurbiprofen Sustained action

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Naresh Kshirasagar, Goverdhan Puchchakayala, & Balamurgan K. (2019). Formulation and characterization of flurbiprofen loaded microsponge based gel for sustained drug delivery. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2765-2776.