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 The aim of the study was to investigate whether a serum uric acid increase or decrease in cardiovascular mortality (CVM) and all-cause mortality (ACM) in Iraqi populations women and men. Once this was accomplished, the objective was to diagnose pertinent in both CVand AC mortality. The study has been included 235 patients who underwent were divided into groups ACM and CVM that distributed 135 and 100 respectively between June 2016 to June 2018. The primary funding was a composite accident ACM that included type2diabetes (T2D) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) and CVM. This investigation has been carried out by using SPSS version22. The investigation developing a uric acid in ACM was higher more than CVD mortality. Elevated uric acid was p-value 0.145 in ACM and 0.74 in CVM. In males have been recorded more than in females in ACM and CVM, also increased uric acid value when progressing age in both genders and groups. In this study shows to present increase cardiovascular in male more than female mortality and noted elevated uric acid to increase age patients in both CVM and All-cause mortality. Uric acid was linked with an increase risk ACM and CVM in women and men. Uric acid was found as a significant influence in ACM and CVM.


Serum uric acid Cardiovascular mortality All-cause mortality Cardiovascular risk factors Investigation

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Mohammed Qasim Waheeb. (2019). Investigation serum uric acid in cardiovascular mortality and all-cause mortality men and women in AL-Muthanna province-Iraq. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 90-97. Retrieved from