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Disorders of trace elements in diabetic patients with type 1 are possibly led to glucose metabolism disturbance and increased oxidation, which may promote the development of diabetes and insulin resisting. We aim to clarify the role of the serum level of zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), cobalt (Co), iron  (Fe), Zn/Cu ratio and their relations with the degree of oxidative stress in females   T1D. The study included 30 healthy women and 54 women   with insulin-dependent diabetes. Serum levels of trace element have determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometer.  Results showed a decrease levels of Cu, Fe,  Zn and MDA in diabetes patients compared to controls (p <0.000), (p < 0.000)  (p< 0.001) (p <0.001) correspondingly. Significance in correlations amid Zn and age (r= -0.449, p <0.032), significance in correlations among Co in addition to age (r= -0.434, p <0.038) with significances in correlation amid Fe and MDA (r= 0.024, p <0.366).  


Trace elements diabetes serum level biochemical analysis

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Seenaa kadhum Ali, Elham Abed Mahdi, Zinah Kadhim Kareem, Mohanad Kadhim Ali, & Ayad Kadhim Ali. (2019). Evaluation of some trace elements status in females type 1 diabetics patients and its relationship with oxidative stress . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2792-2799.