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Lophira lanceolata extract is widely used to enhance sexual performance among the male population in Sokoto state, Nigeria. The efficacy of this extract to enhance sexual behaviours in experimental animals has been reported. This study was conducted to evaluate the safety of oral administration of the plant extract in Sprague dawley rats. Various concentrations (500, 1000, 3000 and 5000mg/kg body weight of  aqueous stem bark extract of Lophira lanceolata were administered orally to four groups of rats to test for acute toxicity. Also, the effects of oral administration of the extract at 1000, 1500 and 2000 mg/kg body weight for 28 days on the body weight, some haematological and biochemical parameters of the animals were investigated. The result showed that, a single oral dose treatment with up to 5000mg/kg of the extract did not cause any dead or observable adverse effect in the rats. In the repeated dose study, the extract produced an increase in the body weight gain of the rats.  The total white blood cell count and haemoglobin level were elevated. These were considered to be beneficial and indicative of safety. The plant extract at 1500 and 2000mg/kg body weight produced a slight increase in the serum transaminases enzymes. The histology of the liver and kidney were normal while the testes showed some pathological lesions. These results have shown that, repeated administration of appropriate dose of the extract may have some beneficial effects on the blood system but a high dose may damage the testes thereby causing infertility. Consumers should therefore be aware of these health risks and avoid over consumption of the extract.


Sexual stimulant toxicity parameters Lophira lanceolata

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