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Nowadays ulcers are commonly seen in every individual. Ulcers are generally caused by the bacterium known as H.pylori and antacids are used to treat them. But using the drugs for a long time can affect the immune system. The present research addresses the antiulcer activity of cabbage, scientifically known as brassica oleracea and belong to the family cruciferae. Brasinine is the active ingredient present in the crucifers which is able to cure ulcers.This study includes extraction of Fresh cabbage juice by a suitable organic solvent i.e. acetone and ,followed by phytochemical screening of extract which gave results as presence of flavanoids, alkaloids,steroids, glycosides e.t.c,. The active constituent in fresh cabbage extract is responsible for antiulcer activity is studied by conducting experiment on rats. Our object is to brings up important questions that are still open, and addresses some significant issues which must be tackled in the future for a better understanding of the behaviour of antiulcer, as well as the risks associated with their occurrence


H.pylori Brassica Oleracea Brasinine

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Mohammad Shoaib PM, Mounika J, & Chakrapani B. (2016). Evaluation of antiulcer activity of Brassica oleracea in albino rats . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7(1), 62-63. Retrieved from