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The present study was aimed to evaluate the antiulcer activity of various extracts of aerial parts of Cynodon dactylon on paracetamol induced ulcers in Albino rats. The preliminary phytochemical studies were performed for various various extracts prepared from n-hexane, chloroform and methanol extracts in order to determine the various secondary metabolites. This study was undertaken to investigate the antiulcer potential of the different extracts (n-hexane, chloroform and methanol) of aerial parts of Cyanodon dactylon at 200, 400mg/kg b.w given orally for paracetamol induced gastric ulcer models in albino rats and ulcer index was calculated. Extracts of 400 mg/kg were showed significant antiulcer activity, comparable to the standard drug Pantoprazole


Cynodon dactylon phytochemical paracetamol pantaprozole length of ulcers ulcer index

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Kambham Venkateswarlu, & Chandrasekhar K.B. (2016). Evaluation of antiulcer activity of various aerial parts extracts of Cynodon dactylon on Paracetamol induced ulcers in albino rats . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7(1), 52-56. Retrieved from