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This work was designed to characterization and evaluation of in vitro Anti -oxidant, Anti-microbial activity, estimation of cytotoxicity of cells and anti-diabetic activity of fractnation compound from methanol extract of Begonia trichocarpa belong to family Begoniaceae. Isolation and characterization of phytoconstituents from Begonia trichocarpa for the first time. Isolation of phytoconstituents were carried out By means of column chrotography and physiochemical and spectroscopic analysis carried out to identified two compound luteolin and quercetin studied for different pharmacological activity of quercetin. Quercetin showed good anti-microbial activity, MIC of quercetin was found in between 800- 3200µg/ml against different microorganisms. MIC of E.coli, S.mutans and P. aerogenosa, S. aureus and S.typhimurium was found 800 µg/ml, 1600 µg/ml 3200µg/ml respectively. A dose dependent anti-oxidant activity was found in both DPPH free radical scavenging method and Nitric oxide scavenging method. DPPH and Nitric oxide assay of quercetin shows maximum percentage of inhibition 64.51% and 49.43% at the concentration of 400µg/ml, whereas ascorbic acid exhibits 70.63%, 53.34% respectively and IC50 values of DPPH assay was 650.1950µg/ml, and ascorbic acid 165.5796 µg/ml respectively. IC50 value of Nitric oxide scavenging assay 381.7617µg/ml and ascorbic acid was 338.179. MTT assay showed 43.34892% viability at 100 µg/ml and Ic50 values was 71.8009 /ml. In vitro anti diabetic activity by Inhibition assay for alpha- glycosidase showed 88.52% inhibition at 200µg/ml. Anti-oxidant, Anti-microbial activity, estimation of cytotoxicity of cells and anti -diabetic activity of Begonia trichocarpa dalzell may be due to the presence of quercetin.           


Anti- microbial activity Begonia trichocarpa dalzell Cytotoxicity of cells DPPH assay Luteolin

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