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Abrus precatorius L. Fabaceae, is an important medicinal plant used by the traditional healers for treating various illness. The main intention of this current work is find out the phytocompounds available in the petroleum ether fractions of Abrus precatorius leaves extract by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrum analysis. The Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrum of petroleum ether fraction of leaves of Abrus precatorius confirmed the existence of various phytoconstituents includes 2R-actoxymethyl-,3,3-trimethyl-4t-(3-methyl-2-buten-yl)-t-cyclohexanol (10.0%), tetracontane-1,40-diol(22.3%) and hexacosanol acetate (68.7%). The antioxidant activity of the petroleum ether fraction of Abrus precatorius was done by DPPH Scavenging assay. The petroleum ether fraction of Abrus precatorius showed good antioxidant activity which is due to the presence of various pytocompounds present in it and validate the make use of of this medicinal plant to treat various disease by traditional healers


Abrus precatorius Gas chromatography hexacosanol acetate Mass spectrum

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