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This experiment was subjected to investigate anti dandruff properties of ethanolic extract and isolated compound of Eclipta alba and Lippia nodiflora. The plant specimen for the proposed study E. alba and L. nodiflora was collected from the wetland fields and other irrigated fields in and around Madurai and ethanolic extracts were prepared. Invitro anti dandruff activity was performed using the disc diffusion assay. Suspension containing 5 x 106 CFU / ml of dandruff causing organism, Malassezia furfur was swabbed on the surface of the sterile SDA plates using a sterile cotton swab. Sterile filter paper discs impregnated with the isolated compound doses viz., 25 µg / ml and 50 µg / ml and ethanolic extract's dose level of 250 µg / ml and 500 µg / ml per disc was aseptically placed over the seeded SDA plates. Similarly antibiotic disc of clotrimazole was used as standard drug for comparison of antifungal activity. With this interest, we investigated the anti dandruff activities of E. alba and L. nodiflora against Malassezia furfur by exposure to extract and also isolated compound by disc diffusion method. From our study, it was found that the M. furfur was more sensitive to all the concentrations of ethanolic extract and isolated compound of the two tested medicinal plants.


Antidandruff activity Eclipta alba Lippia nodiflora Malassezia furfur

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