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Ormocarpum sennoides DC is a leguminous shrub, which extremely efficacious in mending bone fracture and strengthening tendon and bone. Present study was conducted to investigate the anti-osteoporotic potential of ethanol extract of Ormocarpum sennoides DC on steroid induced bone loss in Wister albino rats; Materials and method: The 42 female wister albino rats weighing 150-200 g were randomly assigned into control group and six steroid sub groups, which received 10mg/kg body weight, subcutaneous dose of methylprednisolone acetate (MPA) on alternate days for 6 weeks and followed by daily oral administration of ethanol extract of Ormocarpum sennoides DC(EOS) for a period of 45 days, the group are as follows Control, MPA, MPA with 100mg EOS, MPA with 200mg EOS, MPA with 2mg Alendronate, Pre-100mg, Pre-200mg groups. Various parameters such as Femur weight, Length, Histopathological, Biochemical, CT scan analysis were studied; Results: The EOS improved bone quality, attenuates bone resorption, restored bone density, trabecular thickness, serum ALP, and calcium levels decreased due to reduced osteoblastic activity and decreased intestinal absorption of calcium. In EOS treated groups showed elevated levels due to increased bone forming activity. Serum phosphorus levels increased in MPA group and decreased in EOS treated group. CT scan analysis showed increases bone mineral density in EOS treated group with the corresponding increase in femur weight and length. It is evident from our study that EOS reverse the catabolic glucocorticoid effect and thus proving its anti-osteoporotic potential.


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Bhuvaneswari Srinivasan, Radhika Krishnan, & Sundarapandian S. (2015). The effect of Ormocarpum sennoides DC on bone histomorphometry in steroid induced osteoporotic rats . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(1), 75-81. Retrieved from