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A novel series of benzimidazole derivatives were synthesized through modifying the N-1 hydrogen of 2-substituted benzimidazoles with primary and/or secondary amines in ethanol yielded the corresponding N-Mannich bases (SR4-9). The synthesized compounds were elucidated by UV, IR, 1H NMR and Mass spectral analysis. In IR spectra, all the compounds were showed above 3100 cm-1 due to N-H stretching vibration and in SR4-6, showed the region of 1312 – 1320 cm-1 due to presence SO2 stretching of sulphonamide group. In 1H NMR spectra of N-mannich bases showed well resolved peaks at 7.10-7.64 ppm as a result of Ar-H, at 4.57-4.60 ppm due to two protons in SO2NH2 group and at 1.13-1.15 ppm due to one proton in NH group of piperazine. The final compounds were evaluated for their anti-inflammatory activity by HRBC membrane stabilization method and Carrageen in induced rat hind paw edema. The synthesized derivative (SR9) exhibited very good significant anti-inflammatory activity.


Anti-inflammatory Benzimidazole HRBC membrane Mannich bases

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Sreerama Rajasekhar, Neelima G, Kaushik Chandha, & Gunasekaran V. (2015). Design, synthesis, characterization and anti-inflammatory activity of some novel Benzimidazole derivatives . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(2), 115-118. Retrieved from