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Osteoarthritis Knee is the most common problem among Indians. Generally weight bearing exercises are given to strengthen the muscles, which might aggravate symptoms where as Non weight bearing exercises relieves the stress created during exercise as well as it strengthens. This study proposed to perform Non weight bearing strength training exercises among Knee Osteoarthritis. 73 subjects randomized into two groups Group A treated with Interferential Therapy and Non Weight Bearing strength training exercises. Group B treated with Interferential therapy. WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index was used as a Pretest and Posttest. Group A proved to be statistically significant as the P value equals 0 by improving the WOMAC scores. Study concludes that Non Weight Bearing Strength training exercises improved WOMAC scores by reducing the Pain and Stiffness and Improving Physical function related to Quality of Life.


Knee Osteoarthritis Non Weight Bearing Strength training Physical Function

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Samuel Sundar Doss D, Rekha K, & Prathap S. (2014). Effects of non weight bearing strength training for knee osteoarthritis . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5(3), 188-192. Retrieved from