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The invention is an aqueous suspension of Sucralfate a basic aluminium salt of sulfated sucrose; and it polymerizes at pH<4 by cross linking of molecules, assuming a sticky gel-like consistency. It is ulcer protective agent and it preferentially and strongly adheres to ulcer base, especially duodenal ulcer; has been seen endoscopically to remain there for ~6 hours and it repairs the effected mucus. The main aim of the work is to prepare sucralfate containing finished medicaments in the form of suspension and the preparation is stable for prolonged period and made to prevent sedimentation of the suspended particles, by using suitable suspending agents such as xanthan gum, (0.05%-0.5%) sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, (1%-2.5%) sodium alginate (1%-2.5%) in different concentrations. Characterization test were carried out on Sucralfate suspension Viscosity, PH, Sedimentation volume .The suspending ability of all the suspending agents was found to be in order Sodiumcarboxy methylcellulose˃Xanthan gum˃ carboxy methylcellulose. From the results suggest that high viscosity of Sodium carboxy methylcellulose it can also serves as good thickening agent in pharmaceutical industry.


Suspension Sucralfate Xanthangum Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose Sedimentation volume

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Dastagiri Reddy Y, Dhachinamoorthi D, & Chandra Sekhar KB. (2014). Preparation and characterization of Sucralfate suspension containing different suspending agents for improving suspendability . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5(3), 171-177. Retrieved from