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The aim of the present study is to describe the microscopically, physicochemical and phytochemical attributes of the Mangifera indica L. bark. This is required to generate preformulation data useful for the preparation of the pharmaceutical dosage form of Mangifera indica L. bark extract. Microscopic investigation was done using high magnification lens from Cerlzeis microscope. The physicochemical properties such as loss on drying, total ash, pH, solubility, extractive values etc. were determined on the bark extract powder. Phytochemical investigations such as qualitative phytochemical analysis were carried out as per standard method reported by T.E. Wallis. It was observed that the T.S. of matured bark has got distinct irregular cork, under which there are about 15-30 layers of rectangular tangentially elongated cells consisting of phellogen and pheloderm. There are stone cells scattered in the cortex Area. The results of present study revealed the presence of various active constituents such as Glycoside, Sterols, Saponins, Phenolic compounds, Tanins, Amino acids and Flavonoids. The investigational work suggested that Mangifera indica L. Hydroalcoholic dry extract contains the ingredients which can support the claim of the reported pharmacological activities of Mangifera indica L. aqueous extract (Vimang). Hence the present study helped and provided information required for as preformulation needed of Mangifera indica L. extract dosage form.


Mangifera indica L. bark Phytochemical screening Pharmacognostical study

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