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The aim of the present study is to develop topical gel formulation containing ethanol:water (80:20) dry extract of Mangifera indica L. and to evaluate its properties with respect to its quality, effectiveness against inflammation and stability. Different gel formulations containing ethanol:water dry extract of Mangifera indica Linn were prepared using various concentrations of Carbapol 934 P and HPMC separately. The formulation were evaluated and its anti-inflammatory activities compared with standard formulations were also subjected to intermediate and accelerated stability studies as per ICH guideline. The Gel were found to be non-newtonian; viscoelastic with equivalent anti-inflammatory effect on rat when compared with standard preparation of Diclofenac Sodium. The present work suggest that the ethanol:water extract of Mangifera indica Linn can be successfully used as a topical preparation. Topical gel formulation using Carbapol 934p polymer shows good stability on storage and also encouraging drug release profile and anti-inflammatory action.


Mangifera indica Linn Herbal gel HPMC carbopol934 Ethanol Water

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