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Curcuma xanthorhiza Roxb, is an original medicinal plant from Indonesia. Almost of Indonesian Jamu consist of it, and the people made it in the various methods such as decoction, homemade jamu. Nowadays, it is used in the formal therapy, such as in vitamins. It contains curcuminoid which one is curcumin that has various activities. The objective of the research is to evaluate the curcumin concentrations in two different preparation methods, fresh and decoction of dried rhizome. The rhizome was screened of the phytochemical constituents. Fresh rhizome was scraped and was kneaded with 50 ml of boiled water, dried rhizome was boiled in 50 ml water at 90°C in 30 minutes, volume to be kept at constant. Both were filtered and the supernatants were evaporated on the water bath. Curcumin were isolated with 50 ml methanol. Concentrations of curcumin were measured with spectrophotometer at wavelength 418 nm. Phytochemicals screening showed of positive results for the presence of alkaloid, saponin, quinon, and steroid/triterfenoid. From 20 g fresh of Curcuma xanthorhiza rhizome and 5.87 g decoction of dried Curcuma xanthorhiza rhizome could be isolated 37.9 mg and 12.95 mg curcumin respectively. In conclusion curcumin concentration that could be isolated from fresh Curcuma xanthorhiza rhizome is higher than decoction of dried Curcuma xanthorhiza rhizome, those are 37.9 mg and 12.95 mg curcumin respectively. Curcumin has positive effects on health, hence both fresh and decoction of dried Curcuma xanthorrhiza rhizome can promote the consumers health.


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Ramdan Panigoro, Samsudin Surialaga, & Diah Dhianawaty D. (2013). Comparison of curcumin level in fresh and decoction of dried Curcuma xant-horrhiza Roxb. rhizome . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(2), 256-259. Retrieved from