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Liposome is a microparticulate colloidal vesicle, in which aqueous medium is surrounded by single or multiple concentric layers of phospholipids. Both hydrophilic & hydrophobic drug can be incorporated, water soluble drug being trapped in aqueous core and fat soluble drug in phospholipids. It offers controlled release, targeted drug delivery thus enhanced therapeutic efficacy and reduced dosing frequency. Several liposome based drug formulation are approved for clinical use and many are under extensive investigation. Therapeutically, these are used as carrier for drugs, viruses, bacteria, antigen, peptides (antibiotic), vaccines, genes and diagnostic agents. This review discusses about the method of production and extensive therapeutic potential of liposomes as carriers for targeted and controlled delivery.


Liposomes Controlled release Carrier Drug targeting

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Nagasamy Venkatesh Dhandapani, Anup Thapa, Goti Sandip, Ayush Shrestha, Niroj Shrestha, & Rajan Sharma Bhattarai. (2013). Liposomes as novel drug delivery system: A comprehensive review . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(2), 187-193. Retrieved from