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The concepts of modern science and traditional knowledge often conflict in many ways, especially in the field of medicine. Though the traditional system of medicine has been followed from thousands of years back, still it is unable to achieve many expectations of modern medicine standards. At present, the researchers are being accelerated intensively on herbs because many herbs have been descended to modern pills with lead compounds like, Aspirin, Atropine, Ephedrine, Digoxin, Morphine, Quinine, etc. Thus, the different opinions have been established for traditional herbal medicines by the current trend. As the basic principles of these two systems differ from raw material selection to the treatment processes, fitting standard norms of one to another always remain difficult. This paper elaborately discusses the problems associated with the traditional herbal medicines to achieve the standards equivalent to the modern medicine. Due to this fact, the commercial value of the tradition system of medicine and its knowledge may disappear from the global market in the absence of sufficient measures. Hence, there is a need for the understanding the everlasting foundational logics of the traditional system of medicine and must be completely decoded by the modern science, or else it is suggested for a separate regulatory organization for traditional system of medicine, which can exclusively look after the quality and standards adapted from traditionally acquired knowledge and system of medicine developed by our ancient scientists.


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