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The objective of the study was to improve the oral therapeutic efficacy a formulation has been designed which contains one drug carbamazepine but dual releases An object of the present invention is to provide a dosage form comprising of an active ingredient as sustained release and half of an active ingredient as immediate release. Using HPMC K-4M, Povidone K30 and ethyl cellulose sustained dosage form has been formulated by wet granulation method. Tablet compressing was done with core rod tooling in which only one surface of core is expose to outside and other drug is incorporated in cup portion. The % drug release for carbamazepine as immediate release is 99.98 % and sustained release is 99. 53%.The kinetic release carbamazepine chrono tablets show zero order and Higuchi model. This drug will time dependent from sudden releases at 11.00 P.M and after that sustained and peak time shows at 7.00 PM. According to the circadian rhythm the formulation is prepared.


Chronotherapeutics Carbamazepine Inlay tablet Kinetic release

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Chandan Kumar Brahma, & Vidya Sagar Gali. (2012). Design formulation and evaluation of chronotherapeutic drug delivery system of carbamazepine treatment for epileptic seizures. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(4), 661-669. Retrieved from