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Alcoholic extracts of stem and leaves of Alangium Salvifolium (EEAS) and Pavonia Zeylanica (EEPZ) at doses 400 and 800mg was investigated for laxative activity in albino rats that were compared with standard drug sodium picosulfate (5mg/kg) in normal saline. The rats were fasted for 12 hours before the experiment. After 8 and 16 hours of drug administration, the faeces were collected and weighed. The extracts were found to produce significant laxative activity.  


Alangium Salvifolium Pavonia Zeylanica Laxative sodium picosulfate Faeces

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Hepcy Kalarani D, Dinakar A, & Senthilkumar N. (2012). Evaluation of laxative activity of an ethanolic extract of Alangium Salvifolium and Pavonia Zeylanica in rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(4), 647-649. Retrieved from