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Transdermal delivery system offers an alternative route for administering drugs that by passes the gut and may be a more convenient, safer and non-invasive mean for delivery of drugs especially in case of long-term use. The main objective of the present review was to describe the different categories of drugs used for the preparation of transdermal patches, methods and their applications. Transdermal patch or Adhesive patch used to deliver a drug in controlled release manner through the skin over a period of time. Mainly transdermal patches can be prepared for the different category of drugs such as Analgesics and antipyretics, anti-diuretics, anti-diabetics, anti-asthmatics, antihypertensive, Local Anesthetics and antibiotics. Types of Transdermal patches which include Matrix type, Membrane type, Reservoir type, Microreservoir type. This review article also emphasize most of the technologies involved in better permeation through skin into an effective drug delivery system. Finally concluded that the present review gives the full description about transdermal drug delivery system to maintain the drug levels in blood stream in controlled manner.


Transdermal patches matrix diffusion system anti-asthmatic drugs permeation enhancers Iontophoresis Electroporation and ultrasound

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Divya A, Mallikarjuna Rao K, Gnanaprakash K, Sowjanya A, Vidyasagar N, & Gobinath M. (2012). A review on current scenario of transdermal drug delivery system. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(4), 494-504. Retrieved from