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The treatment of diabetes will not be perfect when it controls merely hyperglycemia. Hence, there are many multi dimensional approaches accelerated in diabetes research. In recent years, considerable progress has been made towards understanding the biochemical mechanisms leading to diabetic complications. Some of such path ways and drugs discovered for blocking such metabolism from chemical and herbal sources are conferred in this paper. To describe biochemical mechanisms and new treatment modalities being explored in current scenario. As the discovery of drug and clinical trials take several years to achieve their goal it is necessary to observe the developmental process taking place worldwide. The papers reviewed here in this decade will help us to predict the trend of the next decade. There are many drugs have proved its efficacy in in-vitro assays and animal models. Some of them are underway in clinical trials. Altered path ways responsible for secondary complications of diabetes are illustrated. A possible mechanism for higher rate of free radical production in diabetes is also proposed. There are hundreds of plant based medicines found to have better antioxidant metabolites and trace elements that play vital role in degenerative diseases though their specific mechanism could not be established, but they are proved by scientific evaluations. There are many metabolic blockers under clinical trials, when outcome of these trials demonstrate unsafe for the usage, drug modification may be the potential area for research or else the process of chemical synthesis may have such potential. As this task is the major thirst area for research, it is presented for exploration.


Metabolic rearrangements Diabetic complications Diabetic therapy

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