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The present research work discussed Development and validation of HPLC method for the estimation of clopidogrel in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms, which is based on the measurement of absorption maxima at 217 nm. Double beam U.V visible spectrophotometers, Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan. Model UV1800 with 1cm matched quartz cells and de-ionized water as solvent were used. Developed methods obeyed the Beer’s law in the concentration range of 16 to 24µg/ml having lined equation y = 0.015x + 0.251 with the correlation coefficient of 0.999. Method was validated statistically. Percentage recovery of the drug for the proposed method ranged from (98.76%) indicating no interference of the excipients. The developed method was validated with respect to linearity, precision, accuracy (recovery), limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation (LOQ).


Deionised water Absorbance maxima Limit of detection Limit of quantitation

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Sandeep Sahu, Sarada Prasad Sarangi, & Himanshu Bhusan Sahoo. (2012). Development and validation methods for the estimation of Clopidogrel in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(2), 224-227. Retrieved from