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To assess awareness among dental interns about interocclusal record material used in prosthodontics. The interocclusal registration material records the three-dimensional relationship between the Maxilla and mandible. The material to be used should have appropriate properties as it plays a vital role in establishing and recording this relationship. A clear understanding of various materials and their properties helps in making a choice that satisfies all the required characteristics. A self-administered questionnaire with ten questions was prepared and circulated among 100 dental interns from private dental colleges. The data were extracted, and the level of awareness was analysed. The results of the present study concluded the knowledge and awareness with regards to interocclusal record materials were only moderate among the dental students. Hence, more treatment awareness and education programs needs to be initiated to improve this situation.


Interocclusal record materials dental interns elastomers Zinc oxide eugenol waxes

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Sharanya H, Vinothkumar Sengottaiyan, & Dhanraj Ganapathy. (2019). Awareness on interocclusal record materials among dental interns in private dental colleges in Chennai. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 583-589. Retrieved from