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The study area Perumalmalai is situated in Southern Eastern Ghats.  It is located between 78° 10' Longitude in East and 110° 70’ Latitude in North.  The flora enriched with 47 families, 89 genera and 106 species of angiosperm. The Vegetation includes different types of habit such a tree, shrubs, herbs, prostrate, climbers, stragglers, Lianas, Parasite. To investigate the tree Vegetation, quadrates was established and (20x20) were marked on either side at equal intervals for measuring tree diversity. The highest relative frequency recorded in Wrightia tinctoria, Albizia amara, Diospyros montana is lowest density (1.04 individuals/m2) followed by other trees such as Grewia hirsuta. The presentation and documentation this forest is crucial not only for maintaining the biodiversity, but also for meeting the basic of the human population. 


Floristic analysis Perumalmalai Phytosociological studies

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