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This research has been done for the Estimation of Phytoconstituents and evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of solvent extract of dried seeds of Vigna mungo linn. The seeds are used in inflammatory, rheumatism, affections of nervous system, and diseases of liver, also used as diuretic and in dropsy. Roots are used as narcotic. For estimation of different constituents of extract use Pharmacognostical & preliminary phytochemical investigation, Thin Layer Chromatography and further evaluation them for possible anti-inflammatory activity by using carrageenan induced paw edema model in albino rats then High Performance Liquid Chromatography of alcoholic extract, isolation of Phytoconstituents from Column Chromatography and again anti-inflammatory activity of isolated constituents by using carrageenan induced paw edema model in albino rats. alcoholic and aqueous extract shown good significant in anti-inflammatory activity. Hence, the present study was under taken to investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of alcoholic extract at some medicinal plant in rats by using carrageenan induced paw edema model and the isolated constituent is Isoflavones. The extract was compared with the standard drug ibuprofen.


Vigna Mungo Linn FT-IR Anti-inflammatory Phytoconstituents Phytochemical HPLC Investigation Ibuprofen Chromatography

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Mohammed Rageeb Mohammed Usman, & S. D. Barhate. (2012). Estimation of Phytoconstituents and Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory activity of Vigna Mungo Linn. Seeds. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(1), 106-112. Retrieved from